Population & Age

Age Group2000201020193-Yr Avg Annual Growth Rate
45 to 6461,952,63681,489,44583,323,439-0.31%
65 to 7418,390,98621,713,42931,483,4333.4%
75 and over16,600,76718,554,55522,574,8303.2%
Adult Ratio3.74.43.7--

The current ratio of adult children (Age 45 to 64) to Seniors (75 and over) is 3.7-to-1 — this has been falling since 2010, and is expected to fall to about 2-to-1 in the next 10 years. This will drive significant shifts in how care needs to be supplied, as this also suggests the demand for *Caregivers* will roughly double.

Data from the US Census Population Estimates Program.

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